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Our Lamb
Maplewinds Farm
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    We have started off by purchasing a herd of Dorset and Suffolk crossbred ewes, some with lambs, and one Southdown Ram.  Since then we have added some Rideau Arcot ewe's to breed this fall, and two more rams as well.
    The Arcot's and the Dorset's are sheep with good mothering instincts.  The Suffolk and especially the Southdown are excellent meat breeds.  So I think that I should produce some excellent tasting lamb.  (and if you don't believe me, feel free to try some and see!)
Since we are new to the sheep business, I'm not sure how steady a supply of lamb I will have, but since we bought the herd with some lambs already, I will have lamb by June or so.  If you are interested, contact us directly! (Contact info on the 'Contact Us' page)
Our smallest lambs have been a hit with both friends and family!