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Maplewinds Farm
In the end, it simply comes down to caring about what you do.  When you eat, sleep, work, live and breathe farming, you take the time to make sure that you're doing things right.
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    The Best Little Pig Farm Around!
When I take a step back and look at what we do here on our farm, I am very proud of the care we provide, both for the pigs, and the environment around them.
     No Antiboitics.  We have a very healthy herd of pigs.  It is also a closed herd, nothing new comes in.  This allows us to leave antiboitics out of the daily routine looking after our pigs.
    Great Animal Welfare.  We meet and exceed animal  welfare requirements.  Sows are housed in groups- no stalls - and have straw for bedding.  Our finisher barn is the same.  The pigs are born in a pen, not a crate, allowing the sow to "nest" naturally.  It can be washed and disinfected giving every pig a fresh start without the disease pressures of the previous litter.
    Environmentally Sound.  The Farm itself is run as close to nature as we can.  The majority of the feed that goes into our pigs is grown on our own farm.  Any additional is purchased from neighbours and relatives.  Then there is that wonderful smelling by-product of raising pigs that makes such good organic fertilizer!  Our Manure is utillized fully by the crops we grow, vastly reducing the need for additional fertilizers.  Combine that with a good crop rotation to help reduce pests and weeds, and the closeness to nature continues.